I was struggling to come up with my next step to get and STAY out of debt and I stopped by one of my favorite web sites and saw this timely post…I want something and I don’t know what is.

I need goals.  Goals for why I am doing this.  What will make me eat pasta 3x a week for the next year.  What do I want bad enough to sacrifice for?  Yeah, peace of mind is all well and good but I need tangibles.

My husband and I love to travel.  Before we had kids we would go away every 6 months or so.  Since we were married (in ICELAND!) and came home from our honeymoon pregnant with our first baby we haven’t been away.   But in keeping with my previous post, my goals need to be REALISTIC.  With the enormity of debt and three little kids it wouldn’t be feasible (or smart) to go away anytime soon.  So that will have to be a LONG TERM goal.

SHORT TERM, get to the point where when a bill comes, we can pay it immediately.  Now we haven’t paid the mortgage or any credit card bills late in over three years but sometimes I have to let the electric bill slide or the water bill must wait until next payday.  Not only are there late fees but it weighs on my mind and the general unease is a yucky feeling.  So SHORT TERM GOAL – pay every bill, in full BEFORE the due date (credit cards to be paid via debt snowball method).