Trimming the Fat

The first paycheck of the new year is less than it was last year.  Our family employer sponsored Health Care Premiums have gone up $60 a month.  Our car insurance went up $5 a month and our homeowner’s insurance policy went up $90 a year.  In addition to that, Bank of America presented us with a new “Escrow Analysis”, they want an extra $52 a month.

All told it was looking like 2010 was ringing in the new year with a $125/month pay cut.  At ZERO additional benefits for the cost.   That is seriously insane.  We eat healthy, even with 3 germ factories, it is rare anyone is sick.  We drive less than 10,000 miles a year TOTAL, (my husbands’ car was even exempt for emissions inspection because he was under the mileage threshold.)  House values/costs are falling.  We put over a 30% down payment on a mortgage.  And all of you want MORE money?  What have you done for me lately?

-Nothing we can do about the health insurance. (-$60/month, +$720 a year increase)

-Was told there was nothing we could do about the car insurance increase. (-$5/month, +$60 a year increase)

-Had the Homeowners Policy “re-evaluated”.  SCORE!  (+$8/month, -$96 a year decrease)

-Fought the “Escrow Increase”.  Win, kinda.  (-$12/month, +$144 a year increase) (as opposed to the $625/year they wanted)

Now we are looking at $69 dollars less a month.  A little better.  I’m still steamed we are getting NOTHING more and are paying MORE.  $828 a year more. That is almost ONE THOUSAND dollars less to spend on bills, debt, food.