In the 7 years my husband and I lived together pre-children I probably said the word “poop” to him or in his presence a total of 7 times.  He, probably the same to me.  We are not uptight freaks, it was just understandably not a topic of interest.

Enter kids.  Specifically a 1 year old, 3 year old and 4 year old.

The favorite Christmas song this year was ” Jingle POOP” – their emphasis not mine.  They draw little animal pictures and then have to draw the animal’s POOP.  My inspiration for this post was new little diddy they are singing right now, it’s an original…”TOOTY, TOOTY, POOPY, POOP!” – sung over, and over and over with requisite giggling and hysterics.

Oh, and one of  my one year old daughter’s first precious words was…..POOP.

Cute huh?

EDIT – OMG, I just googled “Jingle POOP” apparently this a TOP 40 for the under 5 set.  I wonder if “TOOTY, TOOTY, POOPY, POOP” will catch on.