Bundle this...

I’m on to you Verizon.  I’m finishing up my budget and you are on the chopping block, BIG-TIME. I remember when you sweet talked me into the “Triple Play” deal.  It was only $99 a month.  Yeah right.  

Now I don’t want to totally blame a big soulless corporation for ripping me off.  But Jeez, Federal Line Subscriber fees, Federal Universal Services fees, Video Franchise Fees, Federal excise tax, Gross receipts tax, all told over $28 extra dollars a month in fees and taxes.

Not including that I can’t BUY a HD DVR.  I have to rent one from you indefinitely @ $15.99.  We have TWO TV’s and they do not offer a Standard Def DVR so it’s a total of $31 a month.

It’s time for us to decide.  What do we value more?  Getting to watch an adult show in its entirety ( that we can record and pause for the 100x’s we are interrupted by a little munchkin) or getting out of debt.

I’m looking into buying some used rabbit ears…