The average wedding cost is $20,398! I am the MATRON of honor at my sister’s upcoming wedding.  I’m honored and all that but, I’m a total wedding rookie in terms of knowing how much this gig is going to cost and how to plan all the traditional stuff.

When my husband and I got married in Iceland it cost us 5000 Icelandic Kronur (about $40 bucks).  And oh, what a swanky affair it was….

Yep.  Me on my wedding night, pigging out at the all-you can-eat 24hr Icelandic supermarket buffet at 4 am.  In my defense it was a long night of  dancing clubbing in my delicate, hand sewn gown $42 junior prom dress from the clearance rack.

So as the Matron-of-honor I am floored at the all the cost involved in Real Wedding (I think my husband and I are legally married but the Marriage Certificate is in Icelandic so we might have adopted an Icelandic baby for all I know).

I think I may be a little under-qualified and under-funded for this job.  The other two bridesmaids think $400-$500 EACH is good estimate for the BRIDAL SHOWER!

She wants it to be traditional and I want to support her completely but it sounds like kinda a crazy amount money for a Bridal Shower.  I want to show her how much I love her –  but I also want to be able to feed the kids that week and keep the electric on.

Would it be tacky to serve pizza at the shower?

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