Hey MSN.com –

I just read, Working wives can mean happy husbands.

I am not defending any position here (sahm vs wahm vs sahd vs both working – I could care less…) except to say that the title is CRAP.

The main point of the article is, these days a married woman brings home more money and receives more education than she ever did before.  That is wonderful.  I have two daughters (and a son).  My hope for all of  them is the moon and studies providing data that more and more women are achieving financial success are AWESOME!   And that’s what the study does.

BUT the TITLE has nothing to do with any of that.  What the hell?  Where in the study is there any correlation between “HAPPY HUSBANDS” and “WORKING WIVES”?  There isn’t.

Some other newsworthy shocking titles you could have went with:

“When married people add up their income it could be more money”

“Sometimes a husband makes more than his wife, sometime a wife makes more than her husband”

My personal favorite –

“Working husbands can mean happy wives”

Wow, I freaked out a little there.  *sigh*  It’s been a long day…