When I go grocery shopping at the Supermarket in the next town over* I’ve noticed four distinct types of shoppers.   I never really noticed the differences before  a couple years ago because I was a “GROCERY TYPE #1” and these shoppers usually don’t notice the other types…


These guys go in there picking whatever they want off the shelves, for them grocery shopping is like the old game-show “Supermarket Sweep.”   Sales, food goes on sale?  Name brand everything.  They probably don’t even know they make store brand Cheerios – store brand anything for that matter.  They only look at the shelves at eye-level, never knowing of the food world existing on the depths of the bottom shelf.  If it is sale, bonus, if it’s not they’re buying it anyway.   Think coupons are for weirdos.


Grab the circular on the way into the store and give it quick glance.  They have a general idea of what they need and what they want to spend.  May use a coupon or two but are not too concerned if don’t. They have a nagging feeling they are spending a lot more than they have to.  They look at people with an armful of coupons and think, “Is this what it’s coming to?  Am I going to turn into one of THOSE?”


Go in with a fixed budget.  A list.  A plan.  Have studied the circular and know what is a good deal and what is fluff.  Try generic brand stuff.  Cut coupons regularly.  Have a nerdy “coupon wallet”.  Only use coupons when it is actually a deal to use a coupon.  Know the way upper shelves and way lower shelf often have better values than what’s at eye-level.  Compare not only prices but price per lbs, price per volume…They are on to that scam….


These people

Pre-kid era I was such a type #1.  I’d roll my eyes at coupon people when they were in front of me in line.  Now, I think I’m a Type #2 trying to transition to Type #3.

What type are you?

*I waste time and gas driving to a supermarket 10 minutes from my house when there is a perfectly good one 3 minutes away.  I do this because I go food shopping without the kids – this is my “big night out”.   I really relish that 20 minutes in the car by myself.

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