I asked my husband to read and review my new foray into blogging.

I don’t need to tell him to be honest with me.  If I spend two hours getting ready to go out and finally sashay down the steps  to show off the circus clown breathtakingly gorgeous diva I’ve made of myself , I can expect to hear him say one of two things:  “that looks good” or “dear god woman I’m not going anywhere with you.”  Embellished but true enough, and it’s what I want to hear anyway.

So his review.  Two stars.  And he’s right.  I am sometimes an angry bitch and it’s not the way I’ve been writing/coming across on this blog.  It’s supposed to be an outlet right?  Like an ass, I’ve censored myself  for what? not alienate readers?  LOL.  Yes, I want to write about being a mom, about ways to save money and get the financial house in order but I posted – “What the HECK Verizon….”?!   The real internal dialog leading to that post was this:

ME:  “Those scumbags at Verizon are f’n with me, I’ve had it with their shit.”

AHHHHH!  I feel much better now.  I think I’m going to like blogging.

PS – How to you change you blog safety rating to “R”?