This is thankfully NOT my child.

The budget WAS complete.  After adding in everything *I thought* imaginable I looked at what was left over and couldn’t believe all the “spending money” we’d have for a typical week.

I knew it couldn’t be right.

But I had added in the mortgage, insurance, car payments, food, gas, student loans, credit cards….?  I added up the costs of preschool and divided it into 12 monthly payments to set aside monthly.   I took the twice a year sewer bill and divided that up monthly too.   Gifts for family and friends, check.  Car inspection and registration, done.  But it still seemed like there was too much money left over.  If my calculations were correct we should be very shortly living on easy street.  This ROCKS.

Of course that isn’t the case.  I then thought about all the things that had “broken down” over the past year.  For example, when my son’s superhero got caught in electric door track of the minivan it was over $250 to fix.  When our beloved Igor cat fell off the bed and was hospitalized – $500.  And even though we are a healthy family with three kids, you can bet on at least one trip to the ER -$100.  And even if everyone gets sick only once and has one yearly regular check up – $300.

I had a Budget Category for “EMERGENCIES”, but I was thinking an emergency was “husband loses his job” or a “tree falls on house”, not someone putting a matchbox car down the toilet.

I would also prefer not to have a uni-brow.  I guess that needs to go in the budget too.

Back to the drawing board…

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