A friend of mine is due with her first baby any day now. She had her baby shower a couple of weeks ago and I was reminded how new and exciting everything is and how much you need (or think you need) for your first baby. But it also got me thinking about how much stuff I “needed” for my first baby versus how much I “needed” for my third.

Changing Table
Baby #1 – The changing table was upstairs in your room, at the first sign of any pee I’d whisk you to the “changing station”. Fully equipped with the diaper holder/stacker that matched your room decor, a terry cloth cover on the additional diaper pad (the one that came with the changing table was much too thin) and every brand of butt balm imaginable.
Baby #3 – The changing table had become a storage rack for extra tools in the shed. So I changed you on the couch and used a paper towel to wipe up any “spills”.

Wipes Warmer
Baby #1 – Your precious little butt was never scarred with a cold cruel wipe.
Baby#3 – If the wipes were really cold I would squeeze them in my hand to warm them up for a minute.

Diaper Bag
Baby #1 – I spent a good thirty minutes packing every little thing you may need in a 10 minute trip to the grocery store. If you had 5 poop explosions in that quick trip out, I had 20 new outfits (and matching socks) for you in the diaper bag. If we got stranded in an avalanche I had meals in the diaper bag to last for weeks.
Baby #3 – I throw a diaper in my purse and hope for the best (there may or may not be some stale cheerios in the bottom of my bag if you get hungry.)

Parenting Books
Baby #1 – I read along every week, charting your progress. “Oh dear god, it’s Day 1 of Week 6 and she hasn’t smiled yet BUT THE BOOK SAID SHE SHOULD BE SMILING….I’m calling the doctor.”
Baby #3 – Ummmm….

There are million more things I’ve not done for Baby #3 that I did do for Babies #1 and #2. For example, I feel a lot of guilt that her baby book sits basically empty while the other two have their every breath documented. But Baby #3 had a mommy who was much more relaxed, more confident in her choices, and because of that I think she’ll forgive me for cold wipes.

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