I’m a messy person.  I’ve always been a messy person.

As I child when my mom told me to “clean up my room” I’d do everything possible to avoid actually cleaning up my room.  I spend an inordinate amount of time devising new and creative ways to get out of the actual cleaning that it probably would have taken me less time to just clean it up right.

For example, I’d sit on the floor, shuffling around on my butt, shoving and stuffing with all the force of my little legs – every single thing under my bed.  Then I would meticulously stack my board games neatly in front of all the crap, so when my mom would check under the bed (and of course she would, she had been on to me since day one) all she would see were the perfectly stacked boxes.

After she found out about that trick, I’d get a lawn and leaf bag and stuff it to the top.  (Sometimes I needed two bags.)  With my bags bursting with all my stuff, I’d wait until she ran to the store and climb up to the attic like some deranged reverse Santa Claus and throw them in a dark corner.

But I’ve grown up and have learned how important order and neatness is….

This is what my closets look like now:

Yeah right.  I haven’t become neat.  I (conveniently) believe that some people are just born messy. When I hear a group of women going off on how their husbands never clean up this or that, I’m hoping they won’t look to me for agreement. I’m the true slob of our house.   I’m probably even worse than the kids.  As a mom this presents some challenges.  It is actually my biggest challenge.

Bookshelf/Closet? Both!

Am I the only messy mom out there?

I think it’s a genetic defect.  A mess doesn’t bother me.  The only reason I really ever clean up is peer pressure.

I go to other peoples houses and everything always looks so together.

But I admit, I haven’t checked under their beds…

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