Everybody is starting to get antsy for spring.  I can see the tips of the hyacinths peeking out the ground and I’m getting excited for my second year of gardening.

Coming from the city, I was a complete newbie to gardening so I decided to start small.  I read “Square Foot Gardening” by Mel Bartholomew.  If your not familiar  – you basically just build a wood frame out of 2×4’s, put weed mat down and fill it with a mixture of different soils.

This is what the finished product looks like:

Small enough to fit anywhere

To my shock and amazement stuff grew!  The kids LOVED “working” in the garden and eating stuff they grew.  And I now had something I never had, a hobby.

I couldn’t believe how freaking enjoyable it was.  This year I’m planning on expanding and hoping it will save some money on food costs.

What was easy to grow and edible?

Sugar Snap Peas – I’m doing way more of these this year.  In two of those little squares above I pushed 5 seeds in the ground.  All of them grew.  The kids picked and ate them as they ripened and none made it inside.

Spinach – The kids also picked and ate it raw.  They said they” loved it”, I think they just liked I was letting them eat leaves.  Whatever, it’s healthy.

Corn – My crazy children also ate this raw.  At first I told them, “no we have to cook it” but one of them snuck a bite and told me it was “yummy”.   I tried it and they were right, it was good raw.  Who knew?

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