You would think that the financial reasons as well as the emotional reasons to get out of debt would be enough motivation to simply get out debt.

But it’s not the case. Like the struggles and setbacks many people have with weight loss the road to financial freedom is much the same. There is no one to hold you accountable to the debt reduction commitment but yourself and (hopefully if you’re in a shared financial relationship) your partner.

I love reading Personal Finance blogs. Blogs like Get Rich Slowly, Frugal Dad and Dave Ramsey are some of the best known and deservedly most well respected. They are great places to learn tips on getting out of debt, how to cut expenses and are a tremendous resources for all things finance. Those blogs and other blogs like them convinced me I could do this. It could be done. They did it. They are proof.

But most of these people are so ahead of our family in the game that is hard not to feel like I’m at the starting gate and they are getting close to the finish line. It is sometimes frustrating reading how far they have come while I’m still working on getting a realistic and workable budget together.  And it’s extremely tempting to just give up at times.  No one said it would be easy, it’s not.  I don’t expect to be.   But…

I want someone to commiserate with, give me moral support and keep me accountable to the “get out of debt” goal. I know the financial things I need to do get out of debt but I’d love some emotional support as well. Someone in a similar boat. As psychologists know incentives help you reach your goals.

So here it goes:

Family of 5 in debt seeks fellow “debt buster family”. We have made many money mistakes but are committed to getting on budget. Looking for someone to share setbacks with and someone to cheer our successes. Will do same for you. We know how tough it is when you scrimped together that extra $100 to finally put away and your child gets sick and you need that money for the co-pay and prescription. Will not judge but will not enable either.

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