I found a new leak in the budget boat that we have ultimate control over and have neglected to do anything about.   Trash pick-up in our township is done on a pay-per-bag basis.  If you participate in the per-bag program single-stream recycling is free.

The cost per bag is $2.  You buy the “township bags” at local supermarkets, convenience stores or the township office.  They are just big lawn and leaf type bags with the township seal spray-painted on.

We average THREE to FOUR bags per week for a family of five!  OK, well $6 or $8 doesn’t  seem like a big deal in my weekly stop at the store but it adds up.  People often speak of the “latte factor“, our family “latte factor” appears to be an addiction to TRASH.  I mean you’re talking about at least $350 a year in garbage.  Is that what most people are paying for their trash pick-up?  How much is your bill?

I like the program.  I think it’s a great motivator for people to control waste and encourages greener ways to dispose of trash. We just never got never got on board with it until now.  It’s also fair, my older neighbor and his wife use about one bag every two weeks.  If our township had a monthly trash bill, my family would be making out like bandits and he would be paying a crazy amount for his TWO bags per month.

While I considered buying big black trash bags, some spray paint and making my own bags I think we are going to do the right thing here.  Our family is going to attempt to reign in the trash.  I mean it’s a win-win, save money and become “greener”.  I have no idea how to compost but were going to give it try.

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