I can’t believe it’s snowing again.  This is the 5th snow day so far this winter for my two preschoolers.  They only go twice a week for 2 1/2 hours as is!  While I am all about safety first, my own mental sanity has been compromised from being cooped up with 3 little ones this winter.  Not to mention, we are paying tuition for school that does not get made up like it does for”real” school….C’mon Spring!

Some good posts to read if your stuck in your house for the 500th time this season…

Credit Card Chaser asks: Will The new CARD Act turn credit card users into PAYDAY loan users?  What are the unintended consequences of the CARD ACT? One consequence for my family is.  We carry over $11,000 on our credit cards that we are actively paying down, and not adding to – but can’t PAY OFF in full right now.  The credit card companies used the time before the CARD act went into effect to raise the rates on our existing balances.  I can’t wait to be free of this racket!!!

Rainy Day Saver wants to know: What projects are on YOUR to do list? Something is wrong with our fridge light switch.  It stays stuck on.  I’ve taped it so it stays off for now but we were wasting electricity and buying new bulbs at a crazy rate.   Need to find a permanent fix for that.

Ultimate Money Blog: Where Have all the Housewives Gone? I’m right here!  But I call myself  the real fancy sounding STAY AT HOME CFO.  I’ve even heard that there has been a big rise in STAY AT HOME DADS because of the recession.   I think whatever works best for YOUR family be it, financially, logistically, circumstantially and/or emotionally, THAT is the ONLY choice.

Monevator writes: Get out of Debt to Unleash your Inner Money Maker. Sure, it makes logical financial sense to get out debt.  But giving away your money to credit card companies and other debt is not all you give up nor it is all you will gain when you are finally free of your burden….

And after my recent WHINE FEST, I just have to give props to Jeff @Deliver Away Debt for this inspiring post!!!!!


Check out these great Personal Finance Blogs well known and not, they are all members of the YAKEZIE ALEXA CHALLENGE!  Keep up the great work guys.

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