I thought I was a goner.

Maybe they had read my gloating and decided we were up to no good.  Or maybe they had gotten wind of my plan to deny them a free loan next year and had decided to take their revenge…

Was it the dreaded AUDIT?

NOPE!  I had made a mistake on my taxes.  They were writing to inform us that they OWED US more money.   After I filed my taxes I had noticed I made a mistake when claiming the “Making Work Pay Credit”.

One of the questions via Turbo Tax was something to the effect, “Did you already receive the Making Work Pay Credit?”.  I checked YES because my husband did receive a small bump in his paycheck last March.  But the question pertained to those who had received an actual $250 check from the government (ie Social Security recipients, Veterans Benefits, Railroad Retirement…) called the “Economic Recovery Payment”.   It looked to me like we would be “double dipping” on this credit if I did not indicate we HAD in fact received something.  I was wrong.  See Tax Girl’s great explanation of why this isn’t the case.

After I realized this I figured I would just wait for my refund and file and amended return to get back the $250 I had mistakenly said we already received.  Turn’s out the government took care of it for me.  With a very nice letter indicating when my refund comes it will include the additional $250.

Here is something I may never say again, “THANK YOU IRS!”

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