My mom’s dishwasher has been on its last legs for a while now.  It finally died this past weekend and she and my dad were hoping to take advantage of the “CASH FOR APPLIANCES” AKA the “Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program.”

But it’s “NO GO” for them.   The program is administered by each individual state and it is your home state which decides what appliances are eligible for the rebate (or not).

Turns out in PA, dishwashers are NOT eligible for the rebate.  In fact, no classic “white goods” are eligible for the rebate in Pennsylvania.  (List of what is eligible in PA. Basically only dull stuff is eligible like, “boilers” and “furnaces”.  No cool new shiny stuff with tons of buttons and options, but I digress.)

And if you live in Iowa, Minnesota or Kansas you’re out of luck too.  Their rebate program already ended.   Some states reserve rebates for low-income participants or only if you are disabled.

So if your planning on buying a new appliance and taking advantage of the rebate, make sure your purchase is eligible and you qualify. You also need to make sure that your state has remaining rebate funds because when your state’s funding is exhausted, the program is over – no more rebates…

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